Austin Wilde – Joey’s First

Austin Wilde got another straight guy in his bed and he’s not giving up until he gets to pound his virgin ass. Joey is another broke college guy that needed some cash fast, luckily for him, he stumbled upon Austin in his search for some fast money. Joey knew that gay guys would pay a lot of money for his ass so he went to one of the gay clubs to see if he could find someone to give him some money. While sitting at the bar, nobody came his way because it was pretty clear that he didn’t belong there. AustinWilde took that challenge and went over to him to talk and see what he’s deal around there.

The guy told him his story and Austin offered to pay him but they had to go to his place and do it his way or no money. He’s a man of his word and showed him that he has the amount that he asked for. Joey was so nervous about this entire thing, but that didn’t slow him down from getting the money. You gotta see this guy sucking off his first dick during his this insane update. After seeing how lost in space the guy is Austin took over and got what he wanted, to nail his tight white ass. For a first time he did a pretty good job we have to give him that. Hopefully, we’ll find more broke college guys looking for some extra money. Until then make sure you check this one out or enter the site and see other hot gay guys having sex!


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