Austin Wilde – The Surprise

Hey there and welcome back for another great update. Austin Wilde has returned and you get to see him in action as he gets to bang another cute guy. This was one of the most pleasant surprises lately and came at the perfect time. The hot hunk got home to find one of his old flames waiting in there. He already had the key so he made himself comfortable. You might think that would upset him, but he actually happy to see him there. That’s exactly what he needed after the day he had. Austin found out that the guy was visiting for a few days and needed a place to crash so he thought about him. Why not mix work with pleasure?

Austin skipped the small talk and in no time they couldn’t keep their hands off one another as they were knocking things down on their way to the couch. The guys started an intense blowjob marathon and continued with a more intense ass hammering session. No need to tell you guys what went down in that house for the next few days. The good news is that we got most of their action in the gallery below. You know AustinWilde wouldn’t let you guys with just a preview, so by following the link below, you are going to find the entire scene. Until next time make sure you check out the older updates too.


Click here and watch this guy riding Austin’s dick!