Back Door Man

Austin Wilde and Hunter are back with the second part of their encounter. After the way, things went the last time Hunter had to visit Austin one more time to get another ride on his hard dick. Austin wasn’t too happy to hear him skip his classes, but it’s just one class and he can live with that. Hunter was waiting for him at his doorstep this afternoon as he was returning home from the city. Hunter had such a big smile on his face and it was pretty clear why he return to him.

The young Hunter did a pretty good job last time and he kept his part of the deal and didn’t tell his dad a thing so Austin took him in for another ride. Just like last time they didn’t make it out of the living room and set camp there. There was something about him that Austin liked, he couldn’t put a finger on it but it was there. Maybe the fact that he was so eager to try out so many new things last time, who knows. Austin undressed the younger hunk and then started stuffing his ass, shoving his dick deeper and deeper up his tight ass. He didn’t have any mercy on him and Hunter loved every second of it as you are going to see in the scene below. In case you missed their first encounter you can find it below between some of the older AustinWilde updates. Enjoy!


Check out Hunter getting his ass stuffed by Austin!