Billiards and Boners

Well, the name tells it all and in this one, you are going to see your favorite guy, Austin Wilde. Like in every one of his updates you’ll get to see the hot hunk fucking another horny guy and everything happens in front of the rolling cameras. But let us tell you how everything happened. A few night ago he had some friends over and by the end of the night he was trying to get in this guy’s pants, but he was playing hard to get. His friends got the cue and left these two alone and one by one left his place. While there were in the living room playing some pool Austin wanted to make it more interesting so he placed a bet for the game.

The winner had to pick the punishment and he, of course, won that game. Austin confused the guy by playing really bad at first to get him to accept the bet. That wasn’t the smartest move that the guy could’ve made but hey at least we are going to see some action now. The game was over and now the guy had to take care of his part of the deal so right there in the middle of the room, on the pool table is where he got his ass stuffed by AustinWilde. Like we said earlier you can see it all in the picture gallery below and until next time you can check out some of the older updates!


Take a look at this guy getting his ass drilled!