Double Loser

We got another great update starring Austin Wilde and this time he was two more guys helping him out. After a friendly game of soccer, the guys decided to continue the fun at Austin’s place. As usual, the losers had to pay and by pay, we actually mean getting their asses hammered by the winner. Today wasn’t their day because the lost and they lost big time and that couldn’t make Austin happier. He loves these games especially when he wins because he can do whatever he likes with the guys. These young players are new to the game but they got to learn the rules really fast.

The guys told them what happens to the losers but they didn’t believe them, that didn’t stop them from taking care of the losers. Don’t get us wrong either of these guys is straight so it’s not like this is their first time doing it and besides, they are in really good hands. Austin loves banging fresh asses and he’s gonna make sure that the guys enjoy it as much as he does. Austin Wilde took them to the bathroom so they could take off their dirty clothes and continued it all there. The young and horny jocks got to spend quite some time on their knees sucking off Austin’s dick and then getting their asses nailed. Enjoy it all and we’ll see you tomorrow with more steamy updates!


Check out this poor guy getting double teamed!