Fixing The Pipe

The other day when Austin Wilde saw some water dripping from one of his kitchen pipes, he couldn’t wait to give his plumber a call to come and fix the problem. Austin was been calling the same guy for the last few years and that’s because his plumber offers him some bonus services including blowjobs and ass fucking services. Everything at a really great price. The first time Austin saw him it was clear that he was into guys and everyone can see that. After finishing his first job he told him that he likes receiving tips that are more personal. Once the plumber grabbed his dick things got a lot clearer for Austin and from there on the guys developed a very interesting relationship for both ends.


Austin Wilde got his pipes fixed and got to nail his hot plumber as well. This was also one of those situations and after he finished his work he was waiting for his big fat tip. Austin didn’t even bother taking him upstairs and end up banging his hot ass right there on the kitchen counter. He should definitely be the employee of the month but we doubt that his boss knows how he does business. Well, none of his clients are complaining and why should they, when they are receiving more than they paid for. See him in action in the update below and make sure you see some of the older ones as well.

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