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Locker Room Fuck

Going to the gym can be so much fun if you find the right locker room. Austin Wilde was lucky enough to find one of those locker rooms and he had a great time getting his big dick sucked off by one of the guys there. The other day when he went to the gym to do his workout, he saw this new guy trying to figure things out and lend him some help. The poor guy didn’t have any clue how to work anything around there so he spends most of the time next to Austin trying to copy his every routine. Once they got to the locker room the new guy went to take a shower and when he returned all cleaned up he decided to thank Austin for all of his help.

The new guy went straight to his dick and after giving him a good rub he took his pants off and began sucking him off. It was clear to him that Austin was gay, he was too cute to be straight. So with this, he got his and also thanked him for all his help. Like we said earlier the right locker room can change a lot of things and can actually make gym way more interesting. AustinWilde has it all working for him because let’s face it he’s a guy magnet and almost every gay guy is interested in him. Like the on, he is about to bang on the locker room bench. He is crazy about sucking cocks, just the guys from the site!  Don’t believe us? Check it out below!


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Austin Wilde – Joey’s First

Austin Wilde got another straight guy in his bed and he’s not giving up until he gets to pound his virgin ass. Joey is another broke college guy that needed some cash fast, luckily for him, he stumbled upon Austin in his search for some fast money. Joey knew that gay guys would pay a lot of money for his ass so he went to one of the gay clubs to see if he could find someone to give him some money. While sitting at the bar, nobody came his way because it was pretty clear that he didn’t belong there. AustinWilde took that challenge and went over to him to talk and see what he’s deal around there.

The guy told him his story and Austin offered to pay him but they had to go to his place and do it his way or no money. He’s a man of his word and showed him that he has the amount that he asked for. Joey was so nervous about this entire thing, but that didn’t slow him down from getting the money. You gotta see this guy sucking off his first dick during his this insane update. After seeing how lost in space the guy is Austin took over and got what he wanted, to nail his tight white ass. For a first time he did a pretty good job we have to give him that. Hopefully, we’ll find more broke college guys looking for some extra money. Until then make sure you check this one out or enter the site and see other hot gay guys having sex!


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Fixing The Pipe

The other day when Austin Wilde saw some water dripping from one of his kitchen pipes, he couldn’t wait to give his plumber a call to come and fix the problem. Austin was been calling the same guy for the last few years and that’s because his plumber offers him some bonus services including blowjobs and ass fucking services. Everything at a really great price. The first time Austin saw him it was clear that he was into guys and everyone can see that. After finishing his first job he told him that he likes receiving tips that are more personal. Once the plumber grabbed his dick things got a lot clearer for Austin and from there on the guys developed a very interesting relationship for both ends.


Austin Wilde got his pipes fixed and got to nail his hot plumber as well. This was also one of those situations and after he finished his work he was waiting for his big fat tip. Austin didn’t even bother taking him upstairs and end up banging his hot ass right there on the kitchen counter. He should definitely be the employee of the month but we doubt that his boss knows how he does business. Well, none of his clients are complaining and why should they, when they are receiving more than they paid for. See him in action in the update below and make sure you see some of the older ones as well.

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Austin Wilde – First Time

We’ll today Austin Wilde got his hands on a straight guy getting his ass fucked for the first time. The poor guy was looking for a place to rent, dorm life wasn’t for him after all. Austin didn’t really need the money but it was a great way of meeting new guys without leaving the house. The new guy came a few days ago to see the room that he had for rent and decided to take it. This morning he was finally moving in and Austin was there to supervise it all, to make sure that he was finding everything. After he settled in, Austin invited him in the living room to celebrate his moving in. Austin found out that he is in college and didn’t really liked the dorm rooms and that’s pretty much why he moved.

He actually spent most of his money to get the room and now he has to look for a job to afford college and rent. AustinWilde wanted to give him a hand and offered him free rent for the next few months if he was willing to do some things for him instead. He didn’t seem too interested in guys but he hoped to convince him with the money. Austin is always right, but you guys already know that. Well, we don’t really need to tell you the rest of the story because as you can see below there’s a first for everything for the right amount. Enjoy!


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Double Loser

We got another great update starring Austin Wilde and this time he was two more guys helping him out. After a friendly game of soccer, the guys decided to continue the fun at Austin’s place. As usual, the losers had to pay and by pay, we actually mean getting their asses hammered by the winner. Today wasn’t their day because the lost and they lost big time and that couldn’t make Austin happier. He loves these games especially when he wins because he can do whatever he likes with the guys. These young players are new to the game but they got to learn the rules really fast.

The guys told them what happens to the losers but they didn’t believe them, that didn’t stop them from taking care of the losers. Don’t get us wrong either of these guys is straight so it’s not like this is their first time doing it and besides, they are in really good hands. Austin loves banging fresh asses and he’s gonna make sure that the guys enjoy it as much as he does. Austin Wilde took them to the bathroom so they could take off their dirty clothes and continued it all there. The young and horny jocks got to spend quite some time on their knees sucking off Austin’s dick and then getting their asses nailed. Enjoy it all and we’ll see you tomorrow with more steamy updates!


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Austin Wilde – Booty Call

Everyone around here knows what a booty call is. Well, Austin Wilde got one of those calls the other night from one of his exes. It’s been a while since the last time Austin had one of those crazy nights of crazy sex without any strings attached and this call was perfectly timed. He just dumped a guy, was horny but didn’t want another relationship so things worked out better that was expecting. He dated this guy a while ago and he actually remembers why things ended but one thing was sure the sex was fire. From all the dudes he slept with, he is one of the best. For a night of staying home this turned out to be more interested then both of them expected.

The blond hunk appeared at his doorstep pretty hammered, as expected, and was all over AustinWilde. His old flame barely made it to the bedroom where the magic began but not before the cameras were turned on and ready to record it all. The jocks were all over each other and after an intense cock sucking session, Austin got to bang his fine ass one more time, for all times sake. Austin did a great time and if you want to see the entire scene you can check it out in the gallery below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time more!


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Billiards and Boners

Well, the name tells it all and in this one, you are going to see your favorite guy, Austin Wilde. Like in every one of his updates you’ll get to see the hot hunk fucking another horny guy and everything happens in front of the rolling cameras. But let us tell you how everything happened. A few night ago he had some friends over and by the end of the night he was trying to get in this guy’s pants, but he was playing hard to get. His friends got the cue and left these two alone and one by one left his place. While there were in the living room playing some pool Austin wanted to make it more interesting so he placed a bet for the game.

The winner had to pick the punishment and he, of course, won that game. Austin confused the guy by playing really bad at first to get him to accept the bet. That wasn’t the smartest move that the guy could’ve made but hey at least we are going to see some action now. The game was over and now the guy had to take care of his part of the deal so right there in the middle of the room, on the pool table is where he got his ass stuffed by AustinWilde. Like we said earlier you can see it all in the picture gallery below and until next time you can check out some of the older updates!


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Austin Wilde and Joey Devon

Austin Wilde has another guy joining him for his latest update and his name is Joey Devon. This is Joey’s first visit here and we really to see more from him in the next updates. As you can see from the preview below things went great between these two so you must see them fucking one another’s ass in this steamy gay update. Joey is younger than Austin but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have any experience with other guys. The young tattooed hunk surprised Austin in more ways that he would’ve expected and that doesn’t happen as often as you might think.

Joey first surprised him by accepting to go to his place, it was a long shot but he got lucky. The second one was when Austin undressed him and saw his dick and then the third time was when he showed his skills in the sack. This twink is full of surprises and you can see them one by one if you follow the link and see the entire AustinWilde gallery. Austin spends some time by having the younger hunk wank and suck off his dick, he was so good at it that it would’ve been such a waste to interrupt him. But his favorite part must’ve been nailing his cute little ass and stuff his dick deeper and deeper up his ass. Like we said no worries because you can see it all below.


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Back Door Man

Austin Wilde and Hunter are back with the second part of their encounter. After the way, things went the last time Hunter had to visit Austin one more time to get another ride on his hard dick. Austin wasn’t too happy to hear him skip his classes, but it’s just one class and he can live with that. Hunter was waiting for him at his doorstep this afternoon as he was returning home from the city. Hunter had such a big smile on his face and it was pretty clear why he return to him.

The young Hunter did a pretty good job last time and he kept his part of the deal and didn’t tell his dad a thing so Austin took him in for another ride. Just like last time they didn’t make it out of the living room and set camp there. There was something about him that Austin liked, he couldn’t put a finger on it but it was there. Maybe the fact that he was so eager to try out so many new things last time, who knows. Austin undressed the younger hunk and then started stuffing his ass, shoving his dick deeper and deeper up his tight ass. He didn’t have any mercy on him and Hunter loved every second of it as you are going to see in the scene below. In case you missed their first encounter you can find it below between some of the older AustinWilde updates. Enjoy!


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Austin Wilde and Hunter Ford

Austin Wilde is back guys and this time he’s joined by Hunter Ford in this latest update. Austin had a blast banging Hunter’s tight ass in this one and you can see it all in the scene below. The guys didn’t hold back from too many things so get ready to get amazed. Hunter’s is one of Austin’s friends’ son and he was spending the weekend and the hunk’s house. His dad was out and didn’t trust him all by himself so he asked Austin to keep an eye on him for a few days. He wasn’t allowed to go out so he spends a quiet evening at home, well it seemed quiet at first. Austin didn’t know what to do with him so he suggested a game of cards.

Hunter was pretty good a poker so he suggested it but here was a catch. Hunter asked for strip poker, making it clear that he wasn’t going to tell his dad about it. AustinWilde was intrigued so he gave the hunk a chance and started dealing the cards. Well, young Hunter wasn’t just good he was great at it because after a few turns Austin only had his underwear on him and they were next in line. Hunter didn’t stop until he completely undressed him and when that happened the young hunk joined him and ended up spending quite some time on his knees blowing his dick. See them in action in the latest update below!


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