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Wild ‘n’ Hard

There’s no in between with Austin Wilde, things always are wild and hard. This guy had to find that out the hard way as Austin was busy stuffing his tight asshole. The poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into when he agreed to go home with Austin. He’s not experienced and after being with just one guy, jumping in the sack with him it’s going to be a lot to take. These new guys are the best to fuck around with because there’s no one that tries as hard as them to please and Austin saw that by the way, the new guy was blowing his dick just before the hard stuff begun.

Wild and hard, the only way to go with AustinWilde and this scene is the best proof of that. The rookie did his part know it was time for Austin to do him and stretch his asshole to the limits, shoving his hard dick deeper and deeper up his tight little ass. As you can see the guy took it pretty well and learn it either goes Austin’s way or it doesn’t happen at all. This was the latest guy he had in the sack with him but he has more great scenes prepared for you guys so you must stay tuned to see the horny hunk in action with more nasty twinks. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time!


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Austin Wilde – Wild Dreams

With Austin Wilde, you’ll have some of your wildest dreams come true. As you can see in the preview below the ripped hunk doesn’t hold back from too many things. He has a few guys passing thru his bed but we only the best for you guys. This guy, for example, did an amazing job sucking off his dick and you must see him. Austin found this one at a party he attended a few nights ago and he took him home with him for a ride, but nothing happened until he turned the cameras on and the guys were naked and ready for some action.


Austin took him to his bedroom and then let him do his thing and show him just how good he is. Every guy he took there told him that he’s the best but he had to test him for himself to see how true that was. Well, this one surprised everyone because he really gave insane blows and if you click below you are going to find exactly what we are talking about. The dude just didn’t stop until he made cum all over his pretty face and after that Austin went to his favorite part, testing his ass. You gotta take a minute and see this guy riding AustinWilde’s hard dick in one of the hottest gay videos we saw in a while. Until next time be sure you check out the entire scene.

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Toning and Boning

Working out can be so boring if you don’t have a gym buddy. Austin Wilde was lucky enough to find a gym body, that was also his trainer and that he usually banged after each training. You got to be toned but that didn’t mean that the workout had to stop there. The guys made an after workout routine where they got to relax after an exhausting hour of lifting weights. Being a trainer there he also had a key to the gym and he was usually the first one there and the last one to leave and that worked out great for them. Austin Wilde loves nailing his cute trainer’s ass and they took advantage of any alone time they had around there. The gym was packed most of the time so they really waited for the late hours when the gym was empty.

Below you can see them fucking their asses but not before they got a good taste of one another’s dick. The horny trainer didn’t want to stop until he got cum all over his pretty face. You can see the guys in action in the exclusive update below to see them banging one another’s ass in an intense after workout routine in the middle of the gym. Luckily the gym had some cameras around there and we could see everything that went down between them. Until next time make sure you enjoy the older updates as well and also stay tuned for more steamy gay sex scenes.


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Austin Wilde – The Surprise

Hey there and welcome back for another great update. Austin Wilde has returned and you get to see him in action as he gets to bang another cute guy. This was one of the most pleasant surprises lately and came at the perfect time. The hot hunk got home to find one of his old flames waiting in there. He already had the key so he made himself comfortable. You might think that would upset him, but he actually happy to see him there. That’s exactly what he needed after the day he had. Austin found out that the guy was visiting for a few days and needed a place to crash so he thought about him. Why not mix work with pleasure?

Austin skipped the small talk and in no time they couldn’t keep their hands off one another as they were knocking things down on their way to the couch. The guys started an intense blowjob marathon and continued with a more intense ass hammering session. No need to tell you guys what went down in that house for the next few days. The good news is that we got most of their action in the gallery below. You know AustinWilde wouldn’t let you guys with just a preview, so by following the link below, you are going to find the entire scene. Until next time make sure you check out the older updates too.


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Straight From The Vine

Austin Wilde tried out something new this time but ended up doing the thing that he enjoys the most and that is banging the hottest guy in the room. Austin went to a wine testing the other day with some of his friends. Everything was happening in a small winery outside town. There this cute young guy was waiting for them to give them a tour of the place and to show them their wine collection. After their tour ended the guy started showing the guys all sort of wines they are producing there and inviting them to try them out. After combining so many wines no one was focused so no this was Austin’s time to make a move on the cute employee.

When the guy went to one of the offices to bring another bottle, he followed him there and had a tasting of his own. The cute employee locked the door and got on his knees ready to please the ripped hunk and he’s a hard worker that’s for sure. He didn’t stop sucking off his dick until he got cum all over his pretty face. Now it was Austin’s turn and right there on the table, he started banging this guy’s hot ass. Everyone was dizzy so no one actually noticed them leaving the room. Well, now Austin can cut that off the list as well. See it for yourself in the scene below!


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Austin Wilde – Stark Raving

Austin Wilde is getting some action in this latest update. The hot hunk found a new fuck boy to mess around with. Stark is his guest in this one and the guys have it working for them. The jock, Austin, found his the other day while he was moving in the house next to him. He seemed overwhelmed with the moving so he gave him a hand. Austin spends the entire afternoon helping him move boxes into his house and when they finished, he invited him to his place later that night for a drink. With all that commotion today he didn’t really have a chance to talk to his hot new neighbor. That night sure ended better than both of them expected.

Stark was right his type, so wouldn’t mind having him stuff his ass as a thank you. Stark was actually thinking about the same thing but didn’t know where to start it all. AustinWilde and he had some beers and luckily for him, Austin was the one that made the first move and started flirting with him. Stark knew where this is going to end so he cut straight to the fun part. Unlike most of the time, Austin was the one getting his ass nailed in this scene by Stark. In case you are new around here, this doesn’t happen that often so you better check out the entire gallery. Enjoy it and see you guys later!


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Psychometry My Ass

We got another intense class of ass fucking featuring your favorite teacher, Austin Wilde. The sexy teacher had a really intense ass fucking session prepared for you guys and you must check it out. A few days one of his former students reached out and set up a date. When he was his teacher it wasn’t well seen that they dated but now he had all the freedom that he wanted. Austin isn’t the type of guy to turn down a date, especially knowing just how hot his student is and they ended it the best way possible. Austin gave his student a ride he won’t forget too soon and you can see that in the exclusive update below.

The two horny hunks spend some time in the bedroom and got to make up for all the lost time. It’s been so long since the last time Austin banged one of his students that he took all the time to be sure that he’s stuffing his ass right, but not before getting his dick sucked off by him. From the look on Austin’s face you can tell that he loves every second of it and if you check out the entire picture gallery you are going to see every little thing that happened between them because it’s too hot to miss. So don’t miss out AustinWilde fucking this guy’s tight ass in another exclusive update. See you guys next time with more scenes!


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Austin Wilde – Post Game

See another horny twink ended up in Austin Wilde’s bed in this latest update. Being the team coach has its benefits and one of them is getting to bang all the star players after the game. Austin started it all as a favor for one of his friend, but while he was taking care of his classes he got more and more interested in the team. There were some really hot guys there and most of them were into guys, so it was a win-win situation. After a few weeks with the guys, the real fun started and AustinWilde got to test out all of the guys one by one.


He would set up a meeting with all of them at his place after each game to watch the game and see what they did wrong, well at least this is what they thought it would happen. Once they got there they would find out Austin’s real intention and we can’t see that they seem that bothered of his idea. The hot horny hunk didn’t have too much work to do with the guys and in no time he ended up banging the entire team. Those post-game meetings were his favorite by far and in the preview below you can understand why. So make sure you check out the entire scene and don’t forget to return for more steamy updates featuring your favorite hunk.

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Massage Exchanged

Austin Wilde had some fun in this last one as he was in the massage parlor, getting this weekly rub. Well, let’s say that the masseur couldn’t keep it in his pants and he got a good pounding from Austin. In the last few month the parlor has changed a lot of masseurs and between the guys that left was Austin’s masseur. The guy moved in another city, so he had to find another guy to rub him and this morning when he was there his wishes came true. The new masseur was hot, young and couldn’t keep his hands to himself. While he was massaging him, his hands accidentally slipped a few times under the towel and right on Austin’s ass. We can’t blame the guy but he just kept on testing Austin’s patience.

He understood it once, twice but this guy just wouldn’t stop so Austin decided to test his limits and while he was massaging his back and was right in front of him he pulled down his pants. It was clear that he was looking for something more, so Austin made sure that he was going to get it. Seeing that the guys didn’t react at all Austin began jerking off his dick and didn’t stop until he didn’t cum all over his pretty face. His ass was next in line and the horny masseur got a ride he won’t forget too soon. Check them out in action in the scene below!


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Austin Wilde – On The Set

Your favorite hunk Austin Wilde is back with another steamy threesome for you guys. The horny hunk found two more jocks to fuck around with on today’s gallery. As you might think there’s a pretty long list to get to Austin but once you got there you just couldn’t ask for more. There’s a reason why he’s so loved by everyone and that’s because he leaves it all on the set with each scene he shoots. Well, there’s another reason as well, Austin looks really good with his toned body and his hard dick he’s pretty hard to ignore.There are a lot of guys in the business but none of them compare to AustinWilde.

The jocks that are joining him in this one are going to have the ride of their life as the cameras started rolling. The guys couldn’t wait to get their turn on Austin’s hard dick but before that, the guys showed off their cock sucking skills and Austin loved it. Below you can see a little preview from their scene but there’s so much more happening in this one so make sure you take a look at the entire thing. Austin will be back next time with more scenes but until then make sure you check out some of his older updates because they are hot as well. Enjoy this one and stay tuned for more!


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