Toning and Boning

Working out can be so boring if you don’t have a gym buddy. Austin Wilde was lucky enough to find a gym body, that was also his trainer and that he usually banged after each training. You got to be toned but that didn’t mean that the workout had to stop there. The guys made an after workout routine where they got to relax after an exhausting hour of lifting weights. Being a trainer there he also had a key to the gym and he was usually the first one there and the last one to leave and that worked out great for them. Austin Wilde loves nailing his cute trainer’s ass and they took advantage of any alone time they had around there. The gym was packed most of the time so they really waited for the late hours when the gym was empty.

Below you can see them fucking their asses but not before they got a good taste of one another’s dick. The horny trainer didn’t want to stop until he got cum all over his pretty face. You can see the guys in action in the exclusive update below to see them banging one another’s ass in an intense after workout routine in the middle of the gym. Luckily the gym had some cameras around there and we could see everything that went down between them. Until next time make sure you enjoy the older updates as well and also stay tuned for more steamy gay sex scenes.


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